Class Descriptions


Early Birds

Wake up with the early birds. This mini-group class blends yoga-inspired mobility with resistance bands, kettlebells and of course a multitude of core exercises for an invigorating start to your day.

Monday-Friday 6:00am


Mid-Morning Birds

This mini-group class will be filled with custom-designed, challenging circuits blending yoga-inspired mobility, core work, resistance bands, free weights and kettlebells for an invigorating start to your morning.

Monday-Friday 9:00am



Week Starter

The focus of this mini-group class is building a strong foundation of technique with kettlebells. All experience levels are encouraged to both put the microscope on the basic movements involving ballistic weight as well as build strength and endurance. Not to mention there are a few better ways to let some steam off than swinging iron!

Mondays 8:00pm


Week Ender

Jesse’s Saturday Morning class is geared towards strength and health maintenance. This is NOT a HIIT class. Whether you are an endurance athlete looking to fit in a bit more core and guided strength, coming out of an injury and desiring guidance and mobility work, or just trying to hit reset on your week, Week Ender is for YOU!

Saturdays 8:00am


Morning Bird Lab

You can expect to get compliments on your improved posture with this Sunday morning gem. Want to lessen the daily aches and pains? Stop in for this mini-group class that helps create more mindful movement and physical awareness. Uncover underlying patterns that can help you improve performance whether it be athletic or dog walking…and let’s face it we all need a check up every now and then!

Sundays 9:00am

I have been working with Newt Cole at Morning Bird Studio for the past 5 years! He is a talented leader who has created a truly special place! Beyond establishing an immaculate and hip space for workouts, Newt has brought together a true community. Both group classes and private training sessions are designed to maximize time and bring results based on the individual’s training goals in an energized and supportive setting. I discovered the joy of mountain biking at age 45 and wanted to compete. Morning Bird Studio provided the place and Newt provided the training to turn a complete novice into a podium standing athlete!
— E. Thompson