Morning Bird has an inspiring atmosphere that encourages physical creativity and forward-thinking. The decor is personally driven with curated art gallery walls filled with handcrafted posters and prints. Our punk rock dojo features reclaimed rubber flooring while the state of the art audio system fills the air. We utilize minimal gear and maximum personality to create the best training experience possible.


Morning Bird Studio is a full-service fitness and wellness studio. We offer custom-designed personal training, mini-group classes, workshops and fitness events. Our clients represent a broad spectrum of humanity from the elite athlete to the total novice looking to make a change.  Fitness can be daunting if thought of on a broad scale. We view it as thousands of simple things stacked together and want to help demystify the process and get our clients stronger, healthier and happier. We are educators and coaches, sharing our knowledge with the community, one session at a time. Morning Bird Studio's mission is to provide a safe space to examine ones physical and mental boundaries and break down those boundaries to reach new personal bests confidently.


Newt Cole, Founder

Jesse Hautau, Instructor

Beth Ruder, Instructor



This is Newt.

Newt has over a decade of experience as a certified personal trainer. A lifelong athlete, Newt has 25 years of practical gym knowledge to tap into for his clients. In addition, he is an active competitive cyclist with a strong passion for martial arts and yoga. Along with his RKC certification, Newt integrates his intense drive, competitive spirit and high humor into a supportive yet challenging approach to working with clients.


This is Jesse.

Jesse is a HKC certified instructor who has been training with Newt for years. His love of kettlebells started as an accident while looking for ways to train for bicycle racing off the bike. He has a passion for creating workouts for clients that are synergistic with their chosen sport or goals. Jesse is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and has recently received a blue belt. Dayum.


This is Beth.

Beth has been a movement educator since 2005. Her approach to instruction focuses on building awareness and learning new strategies on how we move. She creates an inclusive environment where her students are given the tools to experience a true state of awesomeness. She has a graduate degree in kinesiology and has a few Pilates certifications but mostly she just loves helping people of all shapes and sizes to achieve their personal best.

Morning Bird is one of the best small personal gyms in Chicago. It’s a place where all levels of fitness are welcome. Newt has created a creative space with tons of personality. The gym is friendly and you meet and work out with people of all fitness levels, no judgments, everyone encourages one another. From the strongest to the least in shape, you leave having done your best. Morning Bird is a place to get your exercise on and try hard and you see your own improvement. Newt Cole is a great fitness coach who is sensitive to the individual.
— D.L. Csicsko